How Much Does a Commercial Appraisal Cost?


There comes a time during every relationship with a commercial property that an appraisal is necessary. The most common is the buying and selling of commercial real estate. But there can also be imperatives such as when taking out a mortgage on a property or making certain that your insurance coverage is sufficient. Aside from

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How to Calculate Price Per Acre


The size of your commercial property is a vital statistic. From a valuation and pricing perspective, this knowledge allows you to make the most out of your investment. However, rather than having a simple overall cost of the parcel of land, it is often the better route to gain a price per acre metric. Knowing

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How to Calculate Land Value of Property


Knowing how to calculate the land value of property is a vital tool. While there will be some property owners that are fine to go with the law of local averages — taking a selection of those properties in similar locations and industries, then making a rough averaging calculation — this isn’t an advisable approach.

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Dallas Commercial Real Estate Update


I wanted to take a moment to share valuable information about the active tenants we are seeing in the marketplace. In general, absorption throughout Q4 and into Q1 has been very positive. Anything with a drive thru has been leasing and leasing quickly.  Freestanding end caps and even new construction with drive thru’s has been

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